Marine Services

Maritime services

We are experienced in the maritime security off the Africa coastine providing a service allowing Companies to conduct their day-to-day operations with minimal risk assessment from the threat of piracy or terrorist acts. Work is carried out with the highest degree of discretion, integrity and client confidentiality, all within the framework of national and international law. We have state-of-the-art, world class security vessels that comply with international standard in marine security services.


SIA qualified personnel who are able to carry out security auditing for many sites including: Industrial sites, Hotel Facilities, Office Complexes, Offshore Installations and Shipping Vessels. Review of Clients’ current. Security procedures and equipment and provision of detailed audit report and recommendations.

Offshore Oil and Gas Support Services

Support for various phases of the offshore Exploration, Construction and Production from anchor handling for derrick ay barges to pipe joint transportation. Anchor Handling Tug Supply (AGHTS) and Utility Vessels are available to transport supplies and personnel necessary to sustain drilling and production.

Towage & Pilotage Services

We are engaged in providing towage services to assist in salvage/rescue operations of vessels at sea and sailing of oil tankers from the Jetty and Single Point Mooring, our fleet of versatile multi-purpose tugs are manned by qualified crew with immense experience in all aspects of the challenging towage and civil engineering industry.

Dredging Services

Harbour/Channel dredging and water conservation-oriented dredging; sand dredging for land reclamation and coastine maintenance dredging; construction of harbours, sea walls and protection dams. Utilising self-propelled trailing suction dredger. Bucket Dredger and Grabbers with a total installed power of up to 19,700 KW with Production rates up to 3,500 m3/hr

Diving Services

Provision of a variety of underwater services such as experienced and qualified drivers who use the latest support equipment. Our underwater services includes but not limited to underwater inspection and repair of vessels; underwater maintenance of hull seawater intakes, propellers etc; underwater welding, cutting and repair; underwater video filming for surveys; installation, monitoring and maintenance of underwater protective nets.

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