Subsea Services

Subsea Construction and Installation

We deliver safe, modern, innovative and professional solutions for critical-path deepwater construction and specialty marine contracting projects. In every project, we combine engineering and program development support with a high level of operations expertise, to make the most of each subsea construction operation the following areas:


  • Flowline and umbilical installation support
  • Trenching, backfill and out-of-straightness surveys
  • Subsea pressure testing
  • Flood gauge and stabilisation
  • Pre-installation crossing structure and survey
  • Subsea tie-ins
  • Subsea excavation
  • Anode retrofit and life extension construction tasks
  • Subsea riser and mid-water arch operations
  • Protection and stabilisation structures
ROV Services

Our subsea equipment offers a “single lift” solution to insure quick response time with quality results. The ROV can accommodate a range of state of the art sensors; FMD (flooded member detection), sonar imaging, cable and pipe trackers, sonar packages, and tooling skids to expand the versatility of this ROV solution.


Our ROV services include:


  • Marine construction support
  • Bridge and dam inspections
  • Pipeline and cable surveys
  • Search and recovery tasks
  • Salvage

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